Hooking Up with a Girl

 When deciding to have casual sex with someone it is important that you communicate with them and be honest. You can engage in hookups, open marriages, friends with benefits, and other types of relationships.

 There are some tips to have a successful casual sex arrangement with someone. Casual sex does not have to be different from any other relationship in your life.

 You need to have manners even when having casual sex. People tend to get nervous about sex. They feel like they need to have a relationship and many men will go along with this.

 If the sex is going to be a one night stand many men want to get it over with. It is better, to be honest. If a man just wants to have sex he should tell her that he is not looking for a relationship from the start. If girls were not interested in casual hookups then these sites should not be so popular.

 There are some ways that you can say that you just want sex without being creepy or offensive.


 The presentation begins with the right mindset, tone, and word. You still need to make a connection with a woman even if you are just looking for sex. You need to have confidence.

 Every man needs to be respectful at all time even if he is not looking for a relationship. There are some tips for showing an interest in casual sex with still being respectful.

 .1 No Tricks

 Every woman wants to be treated good and wants to be desired. Girls are not toys. You cannot trick then or go out of their insecurities.

 You need to be polite and is she is looking to hook up too it will happen.

 .2 No High Expectations

 If you meet someone online expecting something from them can lead to an awkward situation.

 If she is on a casual dating site she still does not owe you anything. Be nice to her and see where that leads.

 .3 No Friend Zone in Casual Sex Zone

 Casual Partners

 Even if you look for fun girls you may not get what you are looking for. You need to accept this as some girls are more willing than others.

 People have all different types of desires. You need to get comfortable with her and will make it easier to connect.

 .4 Respect is Important in the Approach

 If you get turned down do not hate on her. Move on to someone else.

 You are still leaving this door open. She may come around. If she does not, you are not the only guy that she turned down. There are millions of other hookups waiting to happen on the internet.

 .5 Be Nice

 This is one of the most important things to keep in mind. If you are nice and actually listen to her it will make things go further. It is not hard to be considerate.

 Do not think that a girl will have sex with anyone on the hookup site. treat her like a person and you will be more appealing.

 .6 Rejection Happens

 Rejection is a common fear and it happens. There are still plenty of other people out there.

 When you ask a girl if she is interested in casual sex she knows this is where it will end. You do not have to prevent.

 Asking her for a quickie will not get you too far. This is a quick way to get rejected.

 Be confidence and be upfront about what you really want. You also have to phrase your wording properly.

 .7 Language and Delivery

 Casual Sex

 Some girls may confuse a hookup site with an actual dating site. if you are not looking for a relationship do not pretend that you are.

 Do not pretend you are doing her a favor by going on a date with her.

 Be clear you are looking for something casual and if she is interested she will go along with it. You can say that you are not looking for a relationship but rather some fun without being creepy.

 .8 Take Turns

 If you are looking for sex the other person has to be looking for the same thing. There is no going on that just having your needs pet.

 Casual sex should allow both people to get some, please. It takes two people to hook up.

 The more you are willing to give the more you will get. Do not be selfish but try to please each other. If you are looking to please her she will be willing to do the same for you.

 .9 Slow Down

 If you are online you may not have the most patients. While she may be looking for the same thing you cannot expect to rush it.

 Casual sex still requires some effort. You need to get to know the girl, be nice to her, and make sure she is looking for the same thing.

 Do not say anything that you would not say to the typical stranger. Be nice, compliment her, and do not be a jerk.

 .10 Starting a Conversation

 In order to get what you want you to need to start a conversation. You should tell her you to want some fun and her. Start by asking her some polite questions. Do not make rude comments to her.

 If you are vulgar or lazy she is going to move on to someone else. She is not looking for a guy that will appear desperate.

 .11 Look for Signs

 Once you have started a polite conversation look for some hits that she is interested in. If she wants to have sex she will often make it clear.

 Check for signs that she is interested and she will let you know if she wants to hook up. Once you told her what you are looking for she has to make up her mind as well.

 .12 Be Cool

 Even is she is looking for casual sex do not being kissing on her right away. Suggest hanging out first or meeting in a casual place. If she wants to get right to the sex then she will tell you. You can take her out for a drink and allow her to take the lead from there.

 Most girls will respect this and you can hook up with her without being creepy. Be cool with your presentation and things may go your way.

 If you are cool and relaxed things will go much better. If you begin by sending her naked pictures you may come across as a desperate pervert. If you are cool and relaxed you will get your fair share of hookups.

 These 12 tips can help you bring up your interest in casual sex without being creepy. You need to be cool, respectful, polite, friendly, and honest. Good things will come your way.

 If she is on a hookup site there is a good chance she is looking for the same thing that you are. If two adults want to have casual sex there is nothing wrong with this. Remember to be a gentleman and she will often go for you.