Tinder Date Goes Sour after a Catfishing Prince Charming Scams his date out of a Good $200, 000

There’re horrible people in this world. And horrible things happen to you when you cross paths with them. The NOT-so-lucky victim of such an incidence is a 29 year old Norwegian master student who got scammed by a new-found love she had known from Tinder for about a month.

Originally published on Abcnews, her story paints the gory details of how dangerous the murky world of online dating can be particularly to gullible women who want to lock in illegible bachelors for a serious relationship that could lead to marriage.

Here goes the backstory:

Cecilie Fjellhoy met a man she thought was her supposedly soulmate on Tinder. The man’s name was Simon Leviev. But in a horrid turn of events, turns out the man’s real name was Simon Hyuat, who was on Tinder masquerading as the son to a renowned Israeli millionaire.

It didn’t take long after matching up on Tinder before the two hit off. After all, the guy was wealthy, good-looking and had all the hallmarks of an eligible bachelor. She was immediately besotted and that marked the beginning of what was supposed to be one of the greatest romantic stories — think prince Harry and Megan.

On Tinder and Instagram, the man used the moniker “the prince of diamond.” This cleared any doubt Cecilie had regarding the man’s wealth status.

They’d then start to plan for their first date, and Leviev was the man for it. Instead of playing it lowkey and take Cecilie to an ordinary dinner date, he’d charter a private jet that would fly them from London all the way to Bulgaria. Of course, the chemistry was all there, and there was some real connection that marked the beginning of a great romantic life ahead.

As expected, Leviev had to divulge a little about his life and what it is the he does for a living. So apart from being a scion to a renowned tycoon, Leviev had managed to curve a life for himself by being one of the most established diamond dealers in Israel. This meant he was a busy man who always has a tight schedule on his hands.

The date ended, and the two parted ways to continue their long distance relationship as they figure out the next step. During that time, they’d constantly video-chat and send each other love notes while talking about the future.

Leviev’s busy schedule never afforded him the time to travel to London to go and meet the love of his life. But being the gentleman he is, he would charter a private jet to go pick her from wherever she was to come meet her whenever he had the spare time to hang out.

The horrid turn of Events

This was a dream come true for Cecile, who couldn’t resist falling for this lovely, god-sent man really hard. She’d fantasize about him, their marriage and the great future that awaited her after their honeymoon should he decide to surprise her with a marriage proposal in the near future. There was nothing to lose. Even if their marriage ended in divorce, she would still end up with half of his wealth — a shoo-in millionaire in waiting. Not to mention the alimony and all the perks that comes with being associated with the son of a tycoon.

And you’re right, the only notable hurdle that lay ahead was the man wising up to the likelihood of their relationship ending up in a divorce, and most likely coercing her to sign a prenup.

Turns out that the horrid shock that stared at her was far more worse than what she had at some point painted in her mind.

The man was nowhere close to the millionaire he claimed to be, but an experienced con artist, with a criminal record on his belt. He was the real master of catfishing, and Cecilie was nothing more than his latest victim.

Without wasting time, Leviev would proceed to the final stage of his plan. It was time to reap off, having pumped in a lot of effort trying to get his victim ready.

Simple, he asked Cecile to open for him a line of credit that he could use to book flight tickets and conduct businesses without drawing unnecessary attention to himself. A request Cecile didn’t have second thoughts complying with.

Leviev would go on to explain that he needed the line of credit only for his protection, not the money. Her name was to act as a cover and nothing else.

The request didn’t make much sense to her but she didn’t see any reason NOT to flow with it.

Leviev then promised to pay back every single penny of her money he spent. A promise he would never live to honor.

By the end of their little affair, and before Cecile learned that she was dealing with a con artist, Leviev had already scammed her an upward of $200, 000. Any attempt to reach her money were in vain, as Leviev had swiftly moved on to target another victim.

As recounted by her, this incidence nearly pushed her to committed suicide as she couldn’t imagine herself falling victim to such a scam. She had to be rushed to the hospital, where she was admitted in a psychiatric ward.

Hyuat, when contacted would then turn the table on Cecile by painting her as gold digger who was only with him for his wealth and nothing else. According to him, things went south before he had managed to repay her little loan, but having spent a hefty amount of money on her, buying her expensive gifts and taking her on vacations and costly dinners, then he doesn’t see any reason the lass would get all sour for it.

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